BODY ANALYSIS and FMS screening

Body analysis is done on the specialized diagnostic equipment Inbody 230, where output is the overview about your body and its structure (ratio of fat, muscles, water). I will interpret the analysis output and all the parameters. Moreover you will get screened using the FMS methodology Functional Movement Screen™ Based on the resulst of the body analysis and your FMS score we will set goal that we would like to achieve together and how long will it take. Body analysis and FMS screen will be repeated regularly so we can track the changes and improvements in your body transformation.



in order to change your body structure you need to change your eating and drinking habits, focus on sufficient intake of vitamins, minerals and supplements. Except from that you also need regular cardio activities as walking, cycling and swimming. I will prepare the diet for you and help you to plan optimal amount of the cardio and power activites.



is closely related to shaping and activation of the muscles. Here comes the training focused on strenghtening core muscles, activation of the flabby muscles, stretching of the shortened muscles and development of the volume of undersized muscles. The aim of this is to get good looking symmetrical figure with balanced ratio of fat and muscles.